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 Find out why I.B.C. is the fastest growing co-op coast to coast with over 4,545 members. 


From West Coast to East Coast, I.B.C. is 15 states strong and growing. Our national buying power helps create the strongest portfolio of programs in the market. We are here to serve our members' needs to continue growing their business wall to wall and compete with anyone in the market. I.B.C. takes pride in delivering first in-class customer service and value to its members.

As the number of members rise, I.B.C. will continue to strive in bringing success throughout the nation one state at a time. I.B.C.'s successful business model is what makes us the finest co-op in the nation. 

Over 25 years in business means unmatched, time tested value for our members.

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I.B.C. has always impressed me with its readiness to go above and beyond to help me grow my business. "

- I.B.C Member

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I.B.C. partners with vendors to provide a multi-channel synergy that helps everyone meet their potential.